SIMEX Group’s foundation lies in its corporate character, which is ingrained in the company’s founders and perpetuated by a series of successful leaders, managers, and loyal employees over the decades. This character has propelled the company to new heights, making it a significant player in the market. The people associated with SIMEX Group are responsible for its success and the growth of the brand. Highlights the crucial role that the individuals working for the company have played in achieving its success. It suggests that the company’s success is not solely the result of its products or services, but rather the efforts of the people who work for it.

The people who are associated with SIMEX Group include not only its employees, but also its customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. Each of these groups of people has played a significant role in contributing to the company’s success. Employees, for example, have been instrumental in developing and delivering the company’s products and services, as well as in implementing the company’s strategies and plans.

Moreover, employees are also responsible for creating a positive work culture within the company, which can contribute to the company’s growth and success. Customers, on the other hand, provide feedback on the company’s products and services, which can help the company improve its offerings and stay competitive in the market.

Suppliers and partners, meanwhile, help ensure the company has access to the resources it needs to operate efficiently, while stakeholders,

such as investors and shareholders, provide the financial resources necessary for the company to grow and expand.

Overall, the statement implies that the success of SIMEX Group is not just the result of the company’s leadership or its products and services, but rather the collective efforts of all the people associated with the company.

SIMEX Group has grown and diversified over the years, with interests in Real Estate, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, and Franchising. It has showrooms across Qatar, and its numerous brands are rapidly gaining popularity in the market. SIMEX Group is closely monitoring its emerging socioeconomic contributions, which are increasingly intertwined with its own, to ensure that they grow and flourish together.

As one of the oldest and most respected business groups in Qatar, SIMEX Group has maintained a tradition of excellence and integrity for over 55 years. Today, it has established itself as a leading group with interests in Real Estate, Fleets, Car Services, Facility Management Services, Mattresses Manufacturing, Interior Designing, Readymade Garments, Linens, and Water Factory.

SIMEX Group has leveraged its collection of assets, brand equity, and competitive advantages to strengthen its position in every line of its business. The company is committed to contributing to Qatar’s economic and social growth through its diverse business interests, while maintaining its tradition of excellence in every endeavor.

To ensure long-term profitability, increase the brand value of product and services, provide career opportunities, and create synergies as we build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share our philosophy and values. With entrepreneurial strength, we continue to create a future that nurtures to the realization of our business endeavors and personal aspirations.

Simex Group envisions a world where quality knows no boundaries. Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity drives us to consistently raise the bar across every industry we touch. As we step into the future, our mission remains steadfast – to create value, foster growth, and inspire lives.

At SIMEX Group we comprehend that leaders today need to manage a whole range of issues in increasingly complex situations. These challenges can only be met by empowering people at all levels of the organization to make decisions and to take action, within the framework of a shared vision and shared corporate culture of novelty, accountability, and liability.

Chairman's Message

When we first established the group, we thought about the needs of the people and we decided to take it from there. We wanted to be human-oriented, and as we give value to people we also want to give value for creativity. Thinking about a sustainable business without regarding the needs of the people can render a business unsuccessful. We purposefully set out goals, and targets to compliment what we would consider a quality product or service and we moved forward. The journey has become a 50 year journey, and the older we grow the more dedicated we become on giving our clients the best we can. We genuinely hope that our services bring added value to each household.
Simex Group