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Pioneering Excellence Since 1971

Established in 1971, Simex Group stands as a testament to unwavering commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and a vision for diversified growth. With a rich legacy spanning over five decades, we have emerged as a conglomerate of companies operating across a wide spectrum of industries. Simex Group’s journey is one of continual innovation, adaptation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Diversified Industries, United Purpose

At Simex Group, we believe in the power of diversity. Our portfolio comprises a multitude of companies, each excelling in its domain while collectively contributing to our overarching mission – to enhance lives and elevate experiences. From the comforting embrace of our mattresses and linens to the precision of our carton and printing, from the essential purity of our bottled water to the convenience of our retail and car rental services, every facet of Simex Group reflects our commitment to meeting evolving needs with uncompromising quality.


Integrity starts with individuals, Individuals who are perpetuated by ethics and reinforced by our corporate culture that has put SIMEX GROUP to an impressive position of trust among its patrons.

Challenges can only be met by empowering people at all levels. Making decisions and take actions within the framework of shared vision and mission.

We believe that we must also do our share in nation building through programs in corporate social responsibility that help develop the country as a whole.



Founded Company

Dandy’s founding father Mr. Radwan creates SIMEX Trading Company, a new corporate entity both for import and export activities between Syria and Qatar while providing a corporate umbrella to all new business ventures


Toy Store

SIMEX Trading inaugurates another toy store in Souq Faleh, Doha.

1980 - 82

1982 - 88


Ventured in Retail

SIMEX Trading has launched a new store named Child Island, Al Bustan Fashion, and Bayya Al Helween which specializes in children’s clothing. This new establishment is yet another addition to its line of stores that cater to the needs of young consumers.


Additional Retail

SIMEX Trading Lunches Party Fashion, a lady’s wear boutique in Doha. During that same year, SIMEX Trading also opens Al Aseel, a fashion wear store for women, and Al Ammoura Fashion an exclusive lingerie store.




Linens Provider

After more than twenty years of expansion and diversification in the children clothing and toy industry, SIMEX Trading establishes Doha Linens located in the industrial area, a factory specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of quality comforters, pillows, cushions, quilts, and bedspreads.


Franchise Business

SIMEX Trading ventured into the franchise business by sealing its first distributorship agreement with TOWELL Group, a renowned multinational business group based in the Sultanate of Oman. According to their agreement, SIMEX Trading became the official distributor of Spring Air and Springwall Mattresses in Qatar, two of the world’s leading mattress brands, and a concept store was opened for these two brands respectively. 2009 – another milestone in its franchise business by signing a new distributorship agreement, this time to represent Sealy Mattresses in Qatar – The world’s number 1 American mattress brand. A concept store was also opened for Sealy.




More has Established

SIMEX Trading has established a high-end furniture store called DaVinci Home, offering a complete turnkey solution. In addition, the company has introduced Renovation, a provider of building maintenance services. In the same year, the group acquired United Mineral Water Company, a manufacturing plant that produces and markets drinkable water bottles under the Sidra brand. Moreover, SIMEX Trading has launched Dar Al Naseej, a factory that specializes in producing a wide range of premium bedding and mattresses, including regular foam and special orthopedic mattresses.


3 New Business

SIMEX Trading embarks on 3 new business ventures that will greatly enrich the group’s portfolio. The year starts with the inauguration of Kids House, a retail store fully dedicated to children’s furniture that offers a wide range of themed bedrooms and accessories; followed by the launching of a premium leasing and car rental company by the name of Rent Solutions.





SIMEX Trading has rebranded to SIMEX Group due to the expansion of its offerings, which includes various products and services, in addition to partnering with other brands.


3 New Business

SIMEX Group launches a new mattress brand under the name Tansy Mattresses – a mattress that is both for elegance and comfort, a mattress that is proudly made in Qatar. Also within this year Fixera Car Repair and Maintenance started operations with the opening of its first auto repair due to the tremendous demand for quick automobile repair services in Qatar.