Tansy Mattress Participated in Made in Qatar Exhibition


Tansy Mattress, a leading mattress manufacturer in Qatar, recently participated in the Made in Qatar Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center from December 13-18, 2017. The event showcased locally made products, services, and innovations from various industries. The aim of the exhibition was to promote local businesses and encourage consumers to support local industries.

Tansy Mattress has been manufacturing high-quality mattresses in Qatar for several years. The company prides itself on using only the best materials and employing skilled workers to produce mattresses that are both comfortable and durable. Tansy Mattress offers a range of mattresses to suit different needs, including orthopedic mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses.

The Tansy Mattress booth at the exhibition was designed to showcase the company’s products, philosophy, and brand. The booth was located in a prominent location, with a beautiful and eye-catching display of the company’s mattresses. The booth was designed to attract visitors and showcase the company’s eco-friendly and sustainable products. The booth featured various models of Tansy mattresses, including the Tansy Optimum, Tansy Hybrid, and Tansy Latex.

The Made in Qatar Exhibition provided an excellent platform for Tansy Mattress to showcase its products and services to a wider audience. The company had a booth at the exhibition, where it displayed its mattresses and other sleep-related products. Visitors to the exhibition were able to test the mattresses and learn about the materials used in their production. Tansy Mattress representatives were on hand to answer any questions that visitors had about the company’s products and services.

Participating in the Made in Qatar Exhibition was an important opportunity for Tansy Mattress to promote its brand and increase its visibility in the local market. The company has been expanding its operations in recent years, and participating in events such as this helps to create awareness and generate interest in its products. It also provides an opportunity to network with other local businesses and establish new partnerships.

In addition to showcasing its products, Tansy Mattress also used the exhibition as an opportunity to launch its latest mattress model. The new mattress called the OPTIMUM Mattress, is a premium model that combines the latest sleep technology with luxury materials to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. 

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The Optimum mattress was features a combination of memory foam and latex, which provides both comfort and support. The mattress also has a cooling gel layer to regulate body temperature and keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night.

The launch of the Optimum mattress was a major highlight of the exhibition. The mattress received a lot of attention from visitors, who were impressed by its design and features. Many visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to test the mattress and experience its comfort for themselves.

Tansy Mattress also used the exhibition as an opportunity to highlight its commitment to sustainability. The company has been implementing sustainable practices in its operations, such as using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste. Visitors to the exhibition were able to learn about these initiatives and how they contribute to the company’s overall mission of creating high-quality, sustainable products.

The Made in Qatar Exhibition was a successful event for Tansy Mattress. The company was able to showcase its products to a wider audience and generate interest in its brand. The launch of the Tansy Luxe was a major highlight of the exhibition, and the company received a lot of positive feedback from visitors. Participating in events such as this is important for Tansy Mattress as it continues to expand its operations and establish itself as a leading mattress manufacturer in Qatar.

Overall, the Made in Qatar Exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Tansy Mattress was just one of many companies that participated in the event, and the exhibition was a great way to learn about the different industries that are thriving in Qatar. The exhibition also served as a reminder of the importance of supporting local businesses and the role they play in driving economic growth and development.

In conclusion, participating in the Made in Qatar Exhibition was a significant milestone for Tansy Mattress. The event provided a platform to showcase its products, launch its latest mattress model, and promote its commitment to sustainability.

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